Chapel of saint Andrew Avelino

1.- Saint Andrew Avellino, C. R. (1521-1608) in 1600, the chapel were assigned to the veneration of Saint Andrew Avelino, patron of the sudden dead, in the right side of the transept. The tradition said that for the beatification of st. Andrew Avellino. (1625) Giovanni Lanfranco painted in only eight days the canvas (3.20 x 4.20m) on top of the altar of the saint leaving it unfinished though. The painting represents the Theatine saint aggrieved of apoplexy in the beginning of the mass (November 10 1608) while an acolyte helps him. About the middle of XVIII century , Antonio Amorosi added the glory of the angels on top. another part of the painting, located in the lunette of the chapel were removed in XIX Century should remain in the sacristy hall.

2.- Altar and decoration of the chapel. Altar and chapel decoration. The altar, executed between 1866 and 1885, thanks to the donation of 2500 Roman-Scudo by B. Pius IX and exclusively by special commission “for the building of the altar” established by the Archconfraternity of the Divine love of St. Cajetan presided by the Prince of Campagnano. It is made rich in marble and gold-plated metals, the altar is flanked with two, red marble, fluted columns topped with golden corinthian capitals. Below the canvas there is an cherub in white stucco. They were the designers: Raffaele Francisi, architect and Filippo Martinucci, architect (for the altar), under the orders of P. Francesco M. Cirino, C. R., (August 3, 1892st 3, 1892
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). The inauguration of the altar, finally completed in every part of it, took place November 5, 1885. In 1889, with the help of Marquis Scatizzi, the floor was fashionable renewed in checkered white and black.

3. The monument of the Theatine p. Gioachino Ventura of Raulica. The P. Ventura, famous orator and philosopher of the s. XIX. He died in Versailles, France on August 2 of 1861 and was buried in the nave, between the chapel of St. Sebastian and the monument of Pius II. His monument, carved by Mrs Cimarra and Galetti, by the design of Antonio Corrado, and orders of Nicola Agricola, is on the right of the chaple of st Andrew Avelino. At the top of the monument two angels hold the coat of arms of the Theatine order. In the lunette, the coronation of the Virgin and the pillars are carved in bas-relief. In the main scenery Gioachino Ventura is in the act of preaching to the people, hanging from his lip and listening to him devout.