Main Altar

Main Altar. It was erected by the drawings of Carlo Fontana (1634-1714) in precious marble with a similar balustrade in the middle of the presbytery, which reached down two pillars of the cruise. The tabernacle is also of marble, on which, originally and in time of R. Venuti (1767), there was a group of angels supporting a Cross, emblem of the Theatines.

In 1906, abolished two ruthless baroque arches, lining the grandstand, and removing some stalls from the wooden chorus, now kept in the so-called ‘Coretto’ (Little Coir) in front of the sacristy, the altar was replaced. Its removal and reconstruction at the end of the presbytery were entrusted to the Marble-worker Paolo Medici,  and his son Raffaello. On September 12, 1906, the altar was consecrated again, and on March 31 of 1907, the restored basilica finally reopened to worship.

The two great bronze candlesticks bearing the coat of arms of Cardinal Alessandro Peretti-Montalto (+ 3 June 1623) are worthy of admiration.