Strozzi Chapel

1.- The Chapel. Erected about 1616 probably by the designs of Buonarroti, thanks to the Vassari family, Buonarroti and Roberto Strozzi became friends. The chapel was founded by his son ,Leone Strozzi (1555-1632) general of the church, in the beginning of 1600, the side walls bear 4 fluted columns of “Lumachelle” marble finished with bronze Corinthian Capitals on top and bronze bases on top of Marble pedestals full of misured severity, there are three marble plates in the bottom,and holding  the nervous trabeation broken in four by “pegboxes” on top of the columns on which, the same number of shelves in very Michelangelo-style attract themselves as strings to hold the frame on which lay down the upper lunette of the wall in which stands out the Strozzi family emblem. The ceiling is framed with golden reliefs and “madreperla” Rosettes. The chandelier have one bigger alike, with eight smaller rossettes around. There are also beautiful candlesticks of bronze whose hold the emblem of the Strozzi family

2.-The Altar. The wall in front in which is leaning the altar is the same style, there is added a triangular Tympanum over the center of the straight trabeation on four columns. Between the columns, the bronze statue of the pity, copy of the one made by Michelangelo which is inside saint Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, and flanking two statues also in bronze of Rachele e Lira, copies from those ones of Michelangelo but finished by Raffaele da Montelupo, whose are flanking The Moses in the mausoleum of Giulio II in Saint Pietro in Vincoli, they were molded by the roman Gregorio de Rubeis or De Rossi in 1616. Overlying Rachele and Lia, two reliefs made in bronze represents the burial of Jesus on the right and the Harrowing of Hell on the left.

3.- The cenotaphs. Sober and mighty is the design of the four archs made in Portovenere marble, Cloudy Black and yellow veins. Wanted by the founder Leone Strozzi in memoriam of the three most Illustrious of his uncles. Cardinal Lorenzo (+1571), Leone (+1554), Pietro (+1558), courageous militaries and of his parents Roberto Strozzi (+1566) e Maddalena Medici.